Where have I been?


Two days before the wedding (which i still need to finish recapping) Brian and I put an offer on a house. While we were on our honeymoon, the offer went through and it was ours officially on Dec. 19th. The holidays came & went, we painted all but two rooms in the entire house and we moved the day after Christmas (it was sunny and 50- pretty much UN HEARD of in Michigan, so we jumped on the opportunity). To say we’ve been the most amazing roller coaster ride of our lives is an understatement. We are pretty much living the dream. I love being in town, close to friends, stores & entertainment. Its glorious having a garage, a yard and something to call our own. Our house has a full basement, 3 good size bedrooms, a master suite, HUGE walk in  master closet, two bedrooms with walk in closets, and 2.5 baths. The dining room and living room are perfect size & we cant forget to mention our spacious two car garage. The yard is full of trees, a small shed, deck and hot tub (we are unsure if it works.. yet) and sits on an acre of property. swoon! Our sub is glorious and has some insane houses in it. I have been running only ONCE but will get out more as it warms up.

Speaking of weather, its been weird in Michigan. Once we get any amount of snow, it rains and melts it all away. Some days its 50 and then the next day its 10… very very strange. I’m not complaining though because its better than several feet of snow and being frozen to the core like most winters (knocks on wood).

Sick around for future posts to come- hopefully i will have more time for extra fun like blogging, running & exploring our new ‘hood’!

ta ta for now!


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