B+N Wedding Week

I’m still unsure of how I want to recap such an amazing two weeks but I have some special readers from afar that are dying to know the details so here I go!

The Friday before the week of the wedding was nuts. I was nervous, fidgeting and a total freak. I’m sure my mom and coworkers wanted to smack me. Lots. I had everything I could do to work and focus. Finally I made it through the work day but still had two more days of work wedding week. I was considering not even going to work because I was such a mess however, I pulled myself together with a pep talk Sunday night. I honestly don’t even know what I did the weekend before the wedding but I’m sure it was last minute things that were not important but seemed important at the time. Monday and Tuesday came and the end was near.

Wednesday was my final dress fitting or so I thought. We got my dress at Davids Bridal and had an alright time dealing with them. Sometimes they were good and other times I could have went bridezilla on their asses. It all ended up great though and I hardly remember the slip ups.

Anyways, the actual “final fitting” was the weekend of my bachelorette party but when I went in, the dress didnt fit right, the beads were popping off and i was a NOT happy with how it was supposed to be. For what we paid in alterations and beading, it was gonna be perfect come hell or high water. That weekend we ended up leaving the dress there and just had to pick it up the Wednesday before the wedding.

When they took my dress out of the bag, I teared up. It was exactly perfect and just what i wanted. I had a mushy moment with my mom about it and then we were on our way to dithering ourselves crazy. We stopped at Party USA and got a bunch of random crap. I’m not even sure if we needed all the stuff we got but that’s neither here nor there. I had a drink at lunch with my brothers girlfriend (bride/MOB assistant aka: Stacy) and we acted like buzzed idiots at Red Robin. I’m sure my mom was less than amused. Oh well. After that we went buzz shopping at old navy and continued buying unnecessary things. Shopping= relaxing.

Thursday I spent the day relaxing and spending time with my mom and one of my bridesmaids Micki. We got our nails done, ate unhealthy food and lived the dream. I wore “I’m not a waitress red Gel OPI polish” on my nails and black Shellac on my toenails. Going along with the theme here folks.

Have I mentioned the theme? I was going for a classic demask look with red and black hues. My dress was very vintage. My bouquet was made of brooches and my girls all wore black short dresses with the most adorable peeps. Our groomsman wore black tux’s with red vests and ties and the Jr. Groomsman wore black suits with a black tie and black converse chucks. *swoon* Our flower girl had a adorable ivory dress from Nordstroms and looked so cute.

After the pampering during the day, I managed to dink around for a few hours then head back to town for a massage. I guess I may have forgot to add that we found our dream home the weekend before the wedding & decided to buy it. Just a mere 4 days before we say I do. Why not? 🙂 Thursday night my maid of honor was suppose to come to town but encountered some freezing rain and fog and had to wait until morning. Oh well.

Friday morning my MOH woke me up around 8 so we could get our day going. Everyone kept asking me “what are you doing and what is the plan?” I never made a plan because I was sure something would come up. Indeed, I was right. When we sat down to start working on my make up trial we get a call from a Micki (a bridesmaid, mentioned above) sobbing. So hard I couldn’t even understand her. I managed to calm her down enough to figure out what she said. Both of her dogs ran away. Uh oh.

Instead of sitting around dithering we decided to go help her look for the dogs. We looked and looked and looked and looked some more. I was starting to worry bad. We were running out of time to keep looking and it was going on a LONG time of them missing. After about 3 hours of looking we reported them missing. After we made all the phone calls her mom shows up and within 10 minutes finds them. Thank GOD. The dogs had made their way around the neighborhood playing with other dogs and chasing birds (they are Weimaraner’s). We said goodbye and were on our way to buy Bagel’s, check out the hall and look for slippers.

In the 11 months we were engaged, I managed to buy several different pairs of shoes. I honestly cant tell you how many but the ones i didn’t wear I returned. I couldn’t contain myself.  After the dog situation, I managed to find a pair of red foam slippers from JC Penny that were PERFECT. I was ecstatic. They were exactly what I wanted. Comfy too.

After our trip at the mall we went to Panera to buy bagels for breakfast the next morning. We had hair dressers coming to do hair and lots of hungry bridesmaids. Since the wedding was so early they needed mimosas and breakfast. Once we got to Panera and got the bagels we get another frantic phone call. Another bridesmaid stuck. My future sister in law actually. Stranded at the mall. Her car died. Amy and Nicole to the rescue once again! Did i mention the night before Amy dropped her iPhone just right and totally shattered it? At this point 3 bridesmaids have had meltdowns and I’m holding everyone together! Win!

Stay tuned for pre table decoration reception pictures, the rehearsal dinner and wedding day morning!



One thought on “B+N Wedding Week

  1. Marlene says:

    This soooooo takes me back to 2005. I remember all the buzzing around, doing whatever I could to calm down and just wanting the day to get here already. Sounds like FUN. 🙂 Can’t wait for some more pics. LOVE what I have seen on FB. You looked incredible!!! Congrats Wifey!

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